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Photosensitivity: A Seat up the Back near the Window, please.
A Handbook for Australian students, parents and teachers.

Paperback A5, 44 pages

J.Sproul, 2014

A practical, easy to read handbook designed to support students, parents and teachers work more safely with digital media in the classroom. 
The student section
is written and illustrated for Primary aged students.  It introduces the idea of ‘super electric brains’ and ‘exceptional eyeballs’.  Top tips to try at school are explained, and a checklist included for record keeping of strategies that do (and don’t) work.
The parent section
provides some explanations, definitions and suggested avenues for support.  It also introduces some of the medical literature that generated the strategies to use in the classroom.
​The teacher section
expands on the impact of high luminance and high contrast digital media, and why sitting up the back of the classroom can be helpful for some students.  It describes how Transitory Cognitive Impairment can impact learning, and how to decrease this risk for students with photosensitivity.  Templates for observation records are included. 
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